Limited Edition Anatomical Heart Silver Pendant and Print


Collaboration with We Are Stardust 

The story of the heart is an enduring and magical one. The intricately and accurately detailed anatomical human hearts of our print and pendant carry these spellbinding tales with them.

Hinting at the figurative secrets of its chambers; the heart’s imprint has long been associated with love, deep bonds and courage. As evidence starts to emerge this association is showing to be true – the heart is intertwined with the body’s response to self-compassion. Be kind to yourself and your heart rate slows and is better able to adapt to what life throws at you. The pendant and print are emblems of your own beating heart; intimate and potent symbols embodying the preciousness of life and the link between the body and mind.

For those who live life earnestly, passionately and with sincerity of feeling; the anatomical heart print and pendant are reminders to honour the self with compassion and love, as much as we do for others. Remembering the power of our own heart allows us to live and allows us to love – including ourselves.

***Available for pre-order, shipping from 1 February 2020***

Comes as a package which includes one silver heart and one print.
Limited Edition of 7 available.
Cost of both of bought separately £77.00, saving £10.00

UK shipping £4.95

International shipping £15.00

Pendant, made by Tootsievalentine
Made from recycled sterling silver
Dimensions: width 11mm, height 17mm (not including jump ring), depth 3.7mm
Hollow back pendant
Sterling silver chain, 18 inches long.
Branded packaging

Print, made by We Are Stardust:
Hand-drawn anatomical heart digital giclée print
Handwritten in pencil: Marked as x/7 prints, signed by artist Agnes Becker and with handwritten text on the back:

“Honour yourself with compassion and love. Feel the power of your own heart, intertwined with your body’s response to self-compassion, physically help you enter a calm and content state of mind with a slower heart rate and an enhanced ability to adapt to whatever life throws at you. Remembering the power of our own heart allows us to live and allows us to love – including ourselves.”

Text on front reads: “42, 048, 000 HEART BEATS 
3, 111, 552 L BLOOD PUMPED 
Size: 21 × 29.7 cm / 8.27 × 11.69 inches
Backing board: Greyboard
Card: 300gsm smooth fine art paper that is acid free, guaranteed archival, and 100% Forestry Stewardship Council certified printed in the UK by Giclée Masters


Litres of blood
Heart’s response to self-compassion practice:

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