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Hinting at the figurative secrets of its chambers; the tracing of the heart’s imprint has long been associated with love, passion, vitality and strength. An intimate and potent symbol embodying the preciousness of life, this bracelet is an emblem of our own beating heart and is for those who live life earnestly, passionately and with sincerity of feeling. It is a reminder that honouring the power of the heart allows us to live and allows us to love.

Small: 6.75 inches overall length

Medium: 7.25 inches overall length

Large: 7.75 inches overall length

Made in 9ct or 18ct recycled white gold, plated in black rhodium*

Dimensions: width 21mm (not including jump rings), height 11.5mm, depth 1mm

Flat profile

Part of our Mortal collection

Branded packaging

*Please note that despite the name of the finish, black rhodium is more of a smoky charcoal/gunmetal grey colour

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