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FAQ Section

Do you offer your designs in silver? At the moment we only offer our designs in 18ct gold (in various colours).

Why is Fairtrade gold more expensive than regular gold? Because a small premium is added to the price of each gram of gold. This premium is paid directly back to the small-scale gold miners who produce the Fairtrade gold. It means they're able to put the money back into their own communities which allows them to be able to pay for education, clean water and healthcare. 

Why aren't your chains and clasps Fairtrade gold? Because there are currently no clasps available in Fairtrade gold and there are only a limited number of chains available as yet. This is slowly changing and there are more chains being produced in Fairtrade gold. As soon as we are able to source Fairtrade gold chains that will support the weight of our pieces, we will be able to make the change. 

How do I know that my piece of jewellery is definitely Fairtrade gold? In the product description we have marked which pieces are made from Fairtrade gold, so you know when you order. Each Fairtrade gold piece has to be marked with the Fairtrade gold stamp. This is only issued to licencees and can only be applied to the jewellery by the Assay Office at the same time that the piece is hallmarked. The Assay Office has to have confirmation from The Fairtrade Foundation, so there is no counterfeiture. All licencees have FLO ID's. Each part of the supply chain from mine to retailer is transparent and fully traceable. 

Do you release collections every season like the fashion industry? We don't. We prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. Our designs are not fashion based or trend-led. We prefer to create meaningful jewellery that can be worn forever rather than a season or two. Fine gold jewellery is a luxury item to be treasured for a lifetime, which is the antithesis of fast fashion.

Are any of your pieces made in China? No. All of our jewellery is designed and made in England.

Do you have sales? We don't have sales because we don't keep stock. Every piece of our jewellery is made to order. 



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